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CAIRO, EGYPT - Thursday, 11 June 2020

Key questions to be addressed


  • Where we want Egypt to be in 5 years’ time in the 4 industries assessed by this project?
  • What contribution to GVA, Export and Employment?
  • Which subsectors should be strengthen with higher priority and why?
  • How could be improved the competitive positioning of Egypt in the priority subsectors?
  • Which are the actions to be implemented to reach the defined level of ambition in 5 years time?
  • Which are the key accountabilities of the actors involved?    
  • What is the expected economic impact in 5 years’ time in terms of GVA contribution, investments needed and source of financing?

Our Objectives

Objective of the project is to identify practical actionable initiatives to re-launch Egyptian economy post-Covid and improve Egypt economic position.

The project is organized in two phases:
1) First phase:

  • Assess current situation
  • Identify pract

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