Raseef Project was established in January 2012 as an independent, non-profit, non-governmental community initiative with its own board of trustees with the aim of cleaning the streets and beautifying them to counter act the missing street clean-up services that caused garbage to pile up within the neighborhoods. 

When the Nile street community started suffering from the lack of sufficient clean-up services, the Khater and Lasheen families led by philanthropist Hatem Khater decided to start a street clean-up community project. They donated seed funding to provide professional cleaning services for the neighborhood. Mr.Khater, co-founder of the Egyptian Food Bank, The Egyptian Cure Bank, the Egyptian Junior Business Association and lately Terous Misr Foundation for Development, established the policies, procedures and put a system for the project. He hired the required management and staff to run it, while volunteering to monitor and evaluate performance on a daily basis and oversaw the development of an operational manual for Raseef Project to make it eligible for franchise.

Since its establishment, the project aimed to include community members for it to be sustainability and raise community ownership by making small financial subscriptions on a monthly basis for each apartment unit. The project started in one street and grew to include 10 blocks on Nile street after other neighborhood members saw the outcome and wanted to have their streets included as well. The Giza governorate and the municipalities have supported the project from day one by providing all legal permits and approvals.

Areas Cleaned:

  • Nile St. , Giza (10 blocks on a continuous basis)
  • Ba7r el a3zam St. , Giza
  • The Jewish Tombs Slum Area
  • Al Korba, Heliopolis
  • 215 St. , Maadi
  • Gam3et el Dewal St. , Mohandessin
  • Syria St. , Mohandessin
  • Tanta St., Agouza


Raseef Operations:

  1. Cleaning
  2. Refining
  3. Sidewalks
  4. Parking Areas
  5. Security