Amen: Creating safe healthcare establishments that do not transmit Hepatitis C

Project Idea:

Tying the amounts of donations provided by NGOs and donor entities to healthcare establishments with their level of commitment to executing infection control procedures within their facilities

Current Challenges:

  • 14.7% - is the incidence ofHepatitis C virus in Egypt
  • 80% - is the HCV infection rate through the healthcare service. (or you can say Is the rate of healthcare associated HCV infections in Egypt)
  • 160-200 thousand - new Hepatitis C infections occur every year
  • 100 thousand - cases are eligible for treatment coverage by the government every year (non-inclusive of surgeries)


Project Objectives:

Safe Healthcare Establishment

To be fulfilled by:

1- Infection Prevention Control:

  • Laying measures to be able to control the rate of Hepatitis C infection and working on eliminating it within healthcare establishments.
  • Implementing a surveillance and control mechanism for monitoring medical performance via healthcare workers working at the establishment, which will reflect on the prevention of healthcare associated infections.
  • Putting a new operating mechanism for preventing the transmission of Hepatitis C infections inside healthcare establishments, which is to be strictly carried out and executed with full conviction of the medical workforce. Training healthcare workers within the establishment on the work methodology according to the infection control system and standards.
  • Applying a continuous surveillance and monitoring mechanism to ensure the maintaining of employee performance within the establishment.
  • Motivating safe healthcare establishments to continue and maintain its compliant performance.

2- Awareness

  • Public Awareness:

Making the community and general public aware of their right to have access to safe healthcare.

  • Specialized Awareness:

Training healthcare workers inside healthcare establishments on correct medical procedures and infection control standards and making them aware of common mistakes and errors that occur within healthcare establishments so they can learn to avoid them.

Project Value Addition:

The project adopts a new focus by implementing the preventative approach.

The three innovative elements:

  1. Innovative screening device:

The non-invasive C-Fast device has the ability to inspect surroundings for Hepatitis C virus by screening areas and detecting virus concentration using electromagnetic waves.

  1.  Quality Certificate:

The quality certificate and logo are granted to healthcare establishments that have proven to be safe from the transmission of Hepatitis C.

  1. New Awareness Approach:

Presenting a positive solution for community members by making them aware of their rights for safe healthcare and making it accessible to them.